Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Ratchet Effect

The ratchet effect is known as the effect that comes when cultural information is learned, and then modified and improved which helps that culture to grow and gain complexity as well as utility (Tomasello et al, 1993). It is known as the ratchet effect, because as we know, a ratchet cannot slip backwards, just like one can not lose cultural information, but can continue to gain it.

I wanted to bring up the ratchet effect because of a controversial issue that has largely impacted my life. I grew up in a very religious Catholic family. As children, we were made to attend our local church service every Sunday, and then also had to participate in "Religion Classes." I do believe that there are some pros and cons to this situation. Quite obviously to me, my parents did not want me learning these things to become a closed minded being, but they hoped that I could have faith in something greater than I. This was a tradition passed down from generations on both my mother and father side. However, becoming more educated over the years I have learned that PERSONALLY, I had some issues with the way our religion sometimes had people think. Now, this all makes sense to me as these ideas can sometimes be out dated.

I think this is a form of the ratchet effect, because I have taken into consideration why religion is so important to my family, and although, there are some ideas I do not agree with, I have expanded my own personal values and beliefs to coincide with our rapidly changing societies today.

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